Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) is a statewide public health surveillance program that reviews abstractions of medical charts and summaries of interviews with mothers to identify potential contributing factors to fetal and infant death. By identifying commonalities across cases, FIMR seeks to pinpoint areas that should be targeted by programs that work to reduce mortality rates.

The FIMR program elicits detailed maternal child health information that informs public health programs, community and hospital-based services, and enables the design of responsive public health interventions.  Case Review Teams determine factors associated with each case and present trends and recommendations to a Community Action Team, which identifies specific areas of concentration for responsive community intervention.

FIMR services are available to the entire Partnership service area, and there are opportunities to participate by serving on the Case Review Team or Community Action Team. The Partnership’s FIMR program is part of a statewide collaboration of the Department of Health and the three New Jersey maternal and child health consortia.  Components of the FIMR program include:

  • Review of 90+ cases of fetal infant mortality annually;
  • Maternal interviews/home visits for families that experienced a fetal or infant death;
  • Resource guide and materials for families that have experienced a fetal or infant death are available to providers and community members;
  • Phone support, education, resources and referral for families;
  • Multidisciplinary CRT that reviews blinded confidential case summaries;
  • Interdisciplinary collaborate Community Action Team (CAT) that reviews trends and recommendations from CRT to improve services and create public health interventions.
  • Perinatal bereavement education;
  • Education on related topics and prevention initiatives.

For more information about the FIMR program, please contact us. For a listing of local perinatal bereavement resources, please click here. For provider Stillbirth Toolkit, please click here.

The Partnership also collaborates with the François-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) Center at the Rutgers School of Nursing on a FIMR-HIV program conducted in the greater Newark area.  FIMR-HIV identifies opportunities for improvement in the delivery of health systems for women living with HIV and their infants through a system of case abstraction, maternal interview, case review, and community action. The FXB Center and the Partnership have been performing the Methodology in Newark since 2011 and have recently expanded the program to provide technical assistance to a new program located a Cooper University Hospital in Camden. This page provides more information about the FIMR-HIV Methodology. For more information about the greater Newark program, click here.

The program also compiled a resource guide to assist women living with HIV. This comprehensive guide provides contact information for programs offering HIV, mental health, substance abuse, and maternal child health services across the State of New Jersey to enable providers to identify appropriate resources for women living with HIV across disciplines. To download this resource, click here.

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