Healthy Start

The Healthy Start Program’s goal is to reduce disparities in infant mortality and adverse outcomes and to provide women, children and families with a healthy start in life by minimizing the barriers to obtaining prenatal care and a healthy birth outcome. Healthy Start identifies women of childbearing age and their families, who may be disenfranchised from the traditional healthcare system through door-to-door canvassing, targeted outreach, and free pregnancy testing. Some core components of the program include 1) comprehensive case management and linkages to social services, 2) psycho-social assessments and counseling, 3) health insurance enrollment, 4) home visits, 5) support groups, and 6) health promotion and education utilizing evidence-based curricula for childbirth and child development, parenting and fatherhood involvement.

Healthy Start also utilizes a Community Action Network (CAN) comprised of program participants, community stakeholders, and local agencies with the shared vision to improve perinatal outcomes in Essex County and achieve collective impact.

The program serves pregnant women and parents with children up to two years of age and their families, residing in Irvington and Newark (zip codes 07102, 07106, 07108, 07112), New Jersey.

For more information about Healthy Start or to enroll, please contact us.

Getting Involved