Immunization Programs

Essex Metro Immunization Coalition (EMIC)

  • EMIC’s goal is to educate both the public and healthcare workers about the safety, importance, and benefits of immunizations across the lifespan.
  • 40+ Members meet quarterly to discuss immunization initiatives happening in Orange, East Orange, Irvington, Newark, and the immediately surrounding communities and to share educational opportunities and resources.
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Adolescent Immunization Outreach

  • This initiative provides education and technical assistance for healthcare providers about adolescent immunizations, with a special focus on improving HPV vaccination coverage in our service region.
  • A Nursing CEU on-site program is available to sites administering the HPV vaccine.
  • Community education workshops are held and patient education materials are also distributed to community partner sites.


Protect Me with 3+ Campaign

  • Protect Me with 3+ is a video and poster contest for high school and middle school NJ students which aims to increase awareness for parents and youth about adolescent immunizations.
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New Jersey Immunization Information System (NJIIS)

  • NJIIS consolidates immunization information from all providers into one record to provide an accurate immunization assessment and eliminates the use of manual vaccine administration logs.
  • A healthcare provider that immunizes children less than seven (7) years of age is required by State regulation to enroll as an authorized user of NJIIS and report vaccinations to NJIIS.
  • The Partnership’s Trainers and Recruiters train new users on how to use the registry and provide technical assistance for current users.  Quality Assurance Specialists help to ensure healthcare sites in the process of having their EHRs interface with the registry are reporting accurate data as their records link with the registry.  For more information, please visit


Hepatitis B Birth Dose Initiative

  • New Jersey has the 4th lowest Hepatitis B Birth Dose coverage rate in the U.S.
  • Patient education materials about the Hepatitis B Birth Dose and Hepatitis B during pregnancy are available in English, Spanish, and Chinese for distribution to healthcare sites working with pregnant women.


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