Zika Initiatives

The Partnership is proud to have joined the New Jersey Department of Health to implement Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grants related to the Zika virus. This state wide initiative has two distinct aspects:

The Infant Zika Surveillance Project

Rapid Ascertainment: Working in conjunction with member hospitals, The Partnership will identify infants born with birth defects that could be related to the Zika virus. The purpose of this portion of the project is to achieve rapid population based surveillance of these specific defects.

Data Abstraction: The Partnership is responsible for reviewing cases and abstracting pertinent maternal and infant data for infants born with specific birth defects.

The Zika Education Program

Education:  Our Zika Health Educator tailors presentations for healthcare professionals and community members as well as provides up to date educational materials specific to the State of New Jersey. Our one hour presentation is available for Nursing Contact Hours. For more information on scheduling a presentation at your organization, please contact us.

Zika Kits: The Health Educator will identify and evaluate barriers to the distribution of the Zika Prevention Kits provided by the NJ Department of Health.

Regional Conference: The Partnership will host an all day conference – Zika: Recommendations for Prevention, Identification and Care on June, 26, 2017. The conference is geared towards professionals, including physicians, nurses, health educators and public health workers. Five subject matter experts will present on different aspects of the Zika virus.

Below are a few links to reliable websites that offer the most up-to-date information on Zika:

Getting Involved