Year End Staff 2016 Celebration Salutes Individuals for Years of Service and Recognizes Entire Team



Well-deserved recognition was given to a select group of employees for their years of service to the Partnership for Maternal & Child Health of Northern New Jersey at the annual YES (Year End Staff) celebration held in December. Three team members reached a milestone achievement celebrating 10-year anniversaries: Yisel Alaoui, Perinatal Addictions Prevention Program; Carly Ryan, Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Program and Keisha Scott, Healthy Families – Essex. Another group received acknowledgement for their five years of service: Jennifer Gavilanes, Central Intake – Morris, Nelly Quinones, Nurse Family Partnership – Bergen/Passaic and Julissa Encalada, Central Intake- Passaic. Individuals celebrating their one-year anniversary with the Partnership were honored as well.

“It says a lot about individuals who choose to devote their time and lend their expertise to helping others. Many mothers, fathers and children in our surrounding communities have benefited from their efforts and are now living healthier lives,” said Ilise Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Partnership. “We are delighted to commend staff members who have devoted multiple years of service to our communities,” she said.

Guest speaker Mary Kae Gambert, M.S., Physiologist & Nutrition Specialist and President of Body, Mind and Spirit Company, reminded the staff about the importance of developing and sticking to a plan for self-care to include physical activity, rest, relaxation and leisure activities.

Another highlight of the YES celebration featured staff members Diana Cabezas, Perinatal Mood Disorders prevention, and Nicole Matos, Parents As Teachers and their programs. Both skillfully produced homemade video presentations which told compelling stories of their clients’ journeys to wellness.

The entire Partnership team, over 100 employees, were applauded at the 2016 YES event for their outstanding contributions, including the delivery of more than 45 programs and services to help improve the health status of mothers, children and families throughout northern New Jersey.

The Partnership is a multifunctional non-profit organization, responsible for direct service to clients, education of health professionals, analysis of vital maternal-child health statistics and collaboration among the private and public sectors to decrease disparities in healthcare outcomes and improve maternal and child health needs in the region.

For more information about the Partnership, visit: or call 973-268-2280.

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