The Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c )(3) organization of health care professionals and consumers dedicated to providing education and increasing community awareness by facilitating collaboration among the private sector, the public sector, and maternal and child health care providers for the delivery of high quality coordinated maternal and child health care.

The mission of the Partnership includes the following:

  • To gather, analyze, interpret and report data, identify needs for the development of a regional plan that contributes to the improvement of the maternal and child health needs in the region.
  • To decrease the disparities in healthcare outcomes between different socioeconomic and racial groups and eliminating the barriers to health care services for women and children.
  • To foster interdisciplinary communication, education and collaboration for the care of woman and children in the region.
  • To intensify efforts toward the improvement and prevention of adverse maternal and child health outcomes by addressing community risk factors.
  • To maintain a total quality improvement program relating to maternal and child health service within the region.
  • To secure multiple funding resources related to maternal and child health.

Getting Involved