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The Partnership implements the New Jersey Department of Health’s Healthy Women Healthy Families initiative in Bergen, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, and Union counties.  The goal of the program is to improve maternal and infant health outcomes for women of childbearing age and their families, while reducing racial, ethnic and economic disparities in those outcomes.

Healthy Women Healthy Families is comprised of several key components:

Central Intake*
This county-based single point of entry system connects women with the assistance they need for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  Central Intake provides referrals to community resources, medical care, Home Visiting Programs, Healthy Women Healthy Families, Doula Programs, and social support agencies.  Central Intake simplifies and streamlines the referral process for obstetrical/prenatal care providers, other community agencies, and families.

Community Health Workers
Through community outreach efforts and vast resource network, Community Outreach Workers identify and enroll women and their families in appropriate care and provide personalized support.  These trusted community members offer vital information about reproductive health, prenatal services, and postpartum services through resource referral, individual support plans, and informational workshops.  The Partnership collaborates with several community partners to reach diverse neighborhoods.

CenteringPregnancy®, a program created by the Centering Healthcare Institute, is designed to improve health outcomes for pregnant women through connection with other expectant mothers.  Expectant mothers with similar due dates receive prenatal care in a group setting leading up to childbirth. These group appointments feature facilitated discussions on relevant topics, including nutrition, pregnancy health, infant care, and relationships. The physician actively participates in the discussion group and spends time with each woman individually during the visit, which results in a stronger physician/patient relationship. CenteringPregnancy® fosters a sense of community among the mothers, provides practical resources, and reduces pregnancy complications.

Currently, the Partnership collaborates with Alliance Community Healthcare  in Jersey City and St. Joseph’s Health in Paterson to offer CenteringPregenancy.

Breastfeeding Support
In northern New Jersey, Black, non-Hispanic infants are three times as likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) as White, non-Hispanic babies. In a widely-cited 2017 study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first two months of life was found to help reduce the risk of SIDS by 50 percent.

The Partnership works with the Perinatal Health Equity Foundation to implement Sistah’s Who Breastfeed (SWB), a breastfeeding support group for women in Jersey City and Paterson.  The goal of Sistah’s Who Breastfeed is to improve maternal and infant health outcomes for women of childbearing age and their families while reducing racial, ethnic, and economic disparities in those outcomes.

Weekly online video chats, monthly in-person meetings, an active Facebook group, and social activities held throughout the year provide members with both prenatal education and postpartum support.  Learn more.

*The New Jersey Department of Children and Families provides funding for Central Intake in Passaic County.

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