Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

The Partnership uses Wyman’s evidence-based Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) curriculum to educate youth, ages 10-14,on adolescent pregnancy prevention using a sexual risk avoidance education approach. The primary goal of TOP is to promote positive youth development and teach teens and pre-teens how to avoid risky behaviors that may hinder growth and achievement. The TOP curriculum focuses on:

  • The importance of decision making, problem-solving and goal-setting
  • Education on preventing pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV
  • Forming healthy relationships, including peer communication, identity, and self-awareness
  • Connecting to communities by participating in Community Service Learning (CSL)
  • Establishing an intention to make positive choices such as avoiding risky sexual behavior and substance abuse

To learn more about Teen Speak, a free skills-building workshop for parents and guardians of teens, please click here.

The Teen Outreach Program is generously funded by the New Jersey Department of Health.

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